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What the World Needs Now Is (CD ALBUM)

Image of What the World Needs Now Is (CD ALBUM)


First full length album from the Grubby Mitts,
lots of the music from previous exhibitions

Drowned in Sound Review: "What nobody would rightly expect is an album quite as majestic, loveable, challenging and outright brilliant as the one we’re dealing with here. What the World Needs Now… is an outlandish, sometimes overwhelming exercise in sonic, thematic world building unlike anything else released thus far this year. In fact that may be an understatement; it’s hard to recall a record of such delicious complexity that was simultaneously able to offer up anthems alongside the avant-garde in such a convincing, moving fashion.

What The Grubby Mitts seem to be going for here is an aural world of repetition combined with shifting instrumentation, extreme melancholy tempered by childlike optimism – a world of late night pub poetry, intergalactic romance, sexual, natural ambiguity and soaring, speechless humanity. The ambition alone is admirable, but the fact that they largely achieve these aims is truly remarkable."

1. Music of Exhaustion
2. Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will (What The World Needs Now is The Grubby Mitts)
3. To A Friends House the Way is Never Long
4. Lenny (2014)
5. Home at Last
6. Standard
7. Last Stop for the Good Old Times
8. The First Lie
9. Bubble Blower
10. Her Laughter/For Tomorrow
11. The Mountain and I
12. Chewy Cosmos
13. Worm of Eternal Return
14. Last Stop for the Good Old Times (For Quintet and Marble Game)
15. Unquiet Grave
16. Time is What Stops Everything Happening All At Once
17. Goodbye If You Call That Gone
18. Stormcock's Song