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To a Friend's House 7" Single

Image of To a Friend's House 7" Single


7" white vinyl single

A: To a Friend's House
B: God Only Knows

500 printed.

As heard on 6Music.

Deceptively simple but utterly uplifting: an inspiring battle-hymn of honest friendship rather than violent blood-letting. (The Folly of Youth)

That their new single 'To A Friend's House' should be more confusing and less groovy than it actually is. The thing is it, er, isn't. Which is a good thing. Right? (ArtRocker)

The Grubby Mitts want to take you on a thoughtscursion, their song the refrain. In many ways it should be the dreadest thing ever – a series of young men dramaticking their chops around the line ‘the way to a friend's house is never long’. But there is something oddly moving and hypnotic about it. Perhaps it is just the sentiment; ambling round to someone else’s house, the promise of homecooked vittles, only a churl could object. (Drowned in Sound)

To A Friends House' takes it's refrain from a cross-stitching that used to hang by the front door of Holden's grandmother’s house. It's quirky, affectionate, affecting and sounds like The Polyphonic Spree if they'd been brought up in a council house in Croyden. Their unique take on The Beach Boys God Only Knows ups the quirk stakes considerably, somehow turning it into the theme tune to a never shown Postgate Watch With Mother series from the early 70s. (Devil has the Best Tuna)